The worst people you’ll ever have the good fortune of knowing

Do you follow someone online that you would never follow in real life? They're called "schadenfriends" and they have a purpose.

The buzz on Buzzfeed

I should start with a disclaimer that I don’t regularly use BuzzFeed. It’s always struck me as the Internet equivalent of a magazine targeted...

Crossword Solutions for Feb 14

Spread my wings and flap away

I think we can all agree that Flappy Bird is completely out of control. There are just so many people playing it and talking about it; I don’t even remember people being this excited about Angry Birds...

Crossword Solution for February 7

Rejected Valentine’s Day poems

Matt writes poems.

Half-time is half-baked

I don't really watch the Super Bowl. To me, the only thing more boring than watching people play sports is hearing people...
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