Caesar code: Europe By Zhenzhen Gu, Jiayin Huang, Mingmei Huang

In a Caesar cipher, the alphabet shifts by a certain number of letters. For example, with a shift of nine, A is replaced by...

Our first fall reading week!

Across 1. Pride and Prejudice novelist 5. Underwear for the torso 8. To pacify or assuage 10. Forming a semi-circle or curve 11. Napoleon’s first defeat in the Levant...

Impressions #4

Job search season

This week’s crossword

Across 1. Split, lick, dip 5. Often violated work dept. 9. Performance Freight Management  (also many funny entries on Urban Dictionary) 12. Leak 13. Beatles frontman 14. Entourage Gold15. Canadian suffix? 16. Miracle...

Impressions #3


Answer for last week’s crossword

Crossword:The book is better than the movie
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