Impressions #9

Enough for Today!

For the nebbishes

Across 1. Sweetened carbonated drink 4. Used them to glide over snow 7.  Opposing or against 9. Unidentified aerial phenomena 11. Pork product seeped in alcohol 13. Slewn by his...

Answer to last week’s crossword

For last week's crossword use this image and replace the following numbers' text with the following: For the Across: 26. Han emperor who married Wang Zhengjun, the...

Mid-terms, mid problems.

Across 1. Coral-based ecosystems in shallow waters 5. To morally or spiritually uplift 8. Contract work, often unpaid or co-op 9. Faculty of ___ & Leisure 11. Prickles on...

Impressions #6

Crossword for all you cultural plebians

Across 1. Space for relaxation and rejuvenation 4. Mixture used on roads and paths 8. Nobel-level medal for Mathematicians 9. Rock with a healthy amount of valuable material 11....

Impressions #5

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