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Genius or salesman?

A Cambridge man claiming to have solved age-old math problems rented out HH theatre to present his findings. Prof. Jeffrey Shallit weighs in.

GRT introduces new 92 route to address rider demand around universities

GRT announces “university loop” bus route 92 around iXpress 201, 202 routes due to excess ridership demand during peak hours.

BufferBox begins winding down standalone services

BufferBox, after being acquired by Google, begins to wind down and close all kiosks.

Campus Crime

Crimes on campus this week include property damage at ECH and St. Paul's West residence, a stolen cell phone and jacket, and alcohol consumption by a minor.

Imbibe owner takes over the Boathouse

The Boathouse may be open again this summer with Bill MacTavish, owner of Imbibe, at the helm.

Ring Road safety questioned at open house

UW recently held an open house unveiling recommendations to improve safety on the east side of Ring Road. The recommendations came from a Ring Road safety committee, which has been guided by an outside professional.

U-Pass referendum brings out nearly 30 per cent of voters

Executive election voter turnout is up nearly one per cent from last year. Over 11 per cent of voters participated in this year's Feds executive election while the U-Pass referendum saw a 28 per cent turnout.

And the winner is…

This year's Feds elections came to a close with the announcement of Danielle Burt, Maaz Yasin, Stephane Hamade, and Ben Balfour claiming the four executive seats.

Paper planes fly at PAC

UW in photos – children participate in the paper plane toss for the 15th annual Fantastic Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Day

Campus Watch

A U of T student’s complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal is denied, a Juno nominee at U of G, and UBC releases a study on gay-straight alliances
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