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OUSA brings key student issues into focus for election candidates

OUSA report outlines focus issues for students in upcoming election

UW athletics reports the passing of men’s hockey player

Waterloo Warriors mourn the passing of one of their own: Men's hockey player Tyler Norrie.

Panel of professors say apathy is why party leaders have little to offer to...

A professors panel discusses the defining characteristics of the campaign so far, student apathy and mobolization, and how tonight's leadership debate is important.

Don’t know who to vote for? Here is an easy platform election guide

Unsure of who to vote for in the upcoming provincial elections? Here is a breakdown of each of the parties' platforms on transit, post-secondary education, and youth unemployment.

Chris Hadfield to receive honorary doctorate from UW

Chris Hadfield to receive honorary doctorate from UW, opens up to Imprint about the degree, and his plans for coming to UW as a professor.

Startup community putting Waterloo on the map

Lindsay Coulter and Taylor Jackson partnered up with the UW, the City of Waterloo, City of Kitchener, David Johnson R+T Park, and Velocity, among others, to create "Startup Community," showcasing Waterloo's vibrant startup tech cluster.

Galt architecture campus proposes $24 million expansion

The University of Waterloo has proposed an expansion to the architecture campus located in downtown Galt.

What you need to know to vote

What you need to know to vote

Collaboration, not competition

Reports have recently been released that one in three women in Waterloo Region have claimed high levels of stress, the most in all of Canada.

Composting comes to campus

A pilot project for composting has begun in the environment buildings on campus.
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