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Campus Crime

UWPS is investigating two separate reports of people acting suspicious while on campus. It is not known if the incidents involve the same people, but it appears on both occasions the suspects were canvassing to steal bicycles.

Strategic what?

Howard Armitage is the special advisor to UW president, Feridun Hamdullahpur, on entrepreneurship and is leading the university’s strategic plans on that subject.

Ontario corner stores petition for right to sell alcohol

Ontario corner stores are pushing for the ability to sell alcohol, a practice that is already legal in Quebec.

New Feds execs take their seats

The beginning of spring term marks the new group of Feds execs taking over the offices in the SLC and starting their tenure.

Food trucks roll into R+T park

The David Johnston Research + Technology Park north of campus has welcomed United Food Trucks Unlimited (UFT) to begin a daily lunch service.

Space wars: As enrolment numbers rise, the crunch to increase student space is on

How much space do we need? On a campus of over 30,000 students, staff, and faculty, the question of how much space is enough for everyone doesn’t come with a simple answer.

Where do Tim Hudak’s PCs really stand on OSAP loans?

Last year the PCs released a series of white papers, where in one, the party suggested student loans should be tied to grades. Imprint investigates further into the matter and gets reaction from rival local provincial candidates.

Student issues emerge in week one of the provincial election campaign

High youth unemployment, and debate over 30 per cent tuition rebate among top student issues that came up on week one of the election campaign.

NDP MPP incumbent says student vote will be particularly important in tight race

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was at Cafe Pyrus with incumbent NDP MPP Catherine Fife to vouch for votes in battleground KW
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