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Almost 70 accounts compromised due to LinkedIn and GitHub hacking

Roughly 70 email accounts were compromised over 2-3 days due to LinkedIn and GitHub breaches, reports UW IST.

New UW Rez: More Than Four Walls and a Bed

UW Housing is looking for input on which room design students would prefer for a new residence.

Can-gratulations to CanBuild 2014 winners

Waterloo students, faculty, and staff recently took some time out to build structures out of non-perishable food items for CanBuild 2014.

Reggie shows some Love in Waterloo

Former Obama aide Reggie Love speaks to Waterloo students at the Arts Student Union.

Campus Watch

A former WLU don has been arrested for theft, a student jeopardizes her acceptance to Western over an offensive tweet, and UBC works to improve safety on campus.

Prospective student information made available due to administrative error

UW apologizes after personal information of 56,000 applicants and 18,000 graduate studies references made available by administrative error.

Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance 2014 budget released

OUSA releases its 2014 budget including plans to revamp financial assistance, co-op, and teaching quality across Ontario universities.

News Briefs

Fines for distracted drives are to double, fears of secession rise in Ukraine, a new software may speed up result times for HIV/AIDS patients, and the members LGBTQ community in Uganda are at risk after being outed by a national tabloid.

Genius or salesman?

A Cambridge man claiming to have solved age-old math problems rented out HH theatre to present his findings. Prof. Jeffrey Shallit weighs in.

GRT introduces new 92 route to address rider demand around universities

GRT announces “university loop” bus route 92 around iXpress 201, 202 routes due to excess ridership demand during peak hours.
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