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Tragedy strikes orientation festivities

An 18-year-old female first year student passed away after being struck by lightning as she was walking back from campus during a period of severe weather in the area Sept. 5.

Health Services renovations complete at last

With the newly renovated Health Services building completed, UW students should not expect too many procedural and service changes.

Trudeau mania floods SLC

The SLC Great Hall overflowed with students on Wednesday afternoon waiting to hear the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, speak.

School of Optometry evacuates after suspected gas leak

School of Optometry evacuated due to suspected gas leak. Emergency services arrived on scene and dealt with the issue.

UW first-year student dies after being struck by lightning

Female first-year student tragically dies after being struck by lightning. Coroner's office currently investigating, as police try to contact the family.

UW student remembered

UW student Alexandra Foto was killed Aug. 8 when her bicycle collided with a cement truck.

Feds raises questions about long-term federal advocacy strategy

he reallocation of $36,044.56 originally slotted to CASA and the elimination of a staff position has raised questions regarding the future of Feds federal advocacy.

Ion celebrates groundbreaking

The Region of Waterloo celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony with the start of construction on the upcoming Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, known as ION, Aug. 21 at the future home of ION's operations, maintenance, and storage facility on Dutton Drive in Waterloo, according to a press release from the region.

Strategic What?

One of the eight themes of UW's strategic plan is promoting a sound values system, a theme that is arguably the foundation for all others.

WPIRG evicted from SLC office space

Last week, WPIRG announced the termination of the lease on their SLC office space, a decision that was made at the end of April by the 2013-2014 Feds Board of Directors (BOD).
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