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More BlackBerry buildings for sale

BlackBerry to sell an additional three million square feet of property in Waterloo, Cambridge, Mississauga, and Ottawa

Sending pride to Sochi

The Glow Centre for Sexual & Gender Diversity hosted a Pride House Feb 6-7 to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Russia.

Students vote in favour of U-Pass and Team Spark takes three of four exec...

The Feds election results are out. Students have voted in favour of the U-Pass and elected Team Spark into most of the executive positions.

Polling glitch causes early morning votes to be discounted

Glitch in Feds polling system caused some student votes to be discounted.

Allegations made against Team Nova in Feds election

<em>Feds website is still down and allegations are unable to be posted in a timely manner, below are several recent allegations made</em> The Feds website...

Ranked ballots?

This Feds election will use the instant run-off voting system, which is a type of ranked voting used to elect...

Issues of mental health and student space take over Feds debate

Executive candidates in the Feds election race gathered for a debate hosted by the current Feds exec on Wednesday. This is the last formal...

Second week of campaigning kicks off with services debate

Feds hosted the Services Debate Feb. 3, where Feds services &mdash; the GLOW Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Feds Off Campus Community, Feds...

Waterloo Watch

The co-op fee will be increased by $25 next term, Feds event calendar is getting revamped, and councillors express concern over the UPASS referendum.

Campus Crime

UW Police Services are investigating several thefts at DP and SJU, graffiti in the tunnel between Modern Languages and Arts Lecture Hall, and a false fire alarm at REV.
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