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Feds board of directors closes meetings

Feds board of directors (BoD) meetings are now closed to students following a motion made at the April 30 meeting, which was itself a...

Takeout fakeout

If you’ve ever bought takeout from Bomber, you may have noticed the 99-cent "takeout charge" on your bill. Feds instituted the charge at Bomber five...

Tim Hortons in DC and SCH now accepting debit

UW Food Services is expanding payment options at campus food outlets

Former UW student adviser charged with Victoria Park strangling murder

Former UW student adviser, Derrick Lawlor, who was previously pardoned for manslaughter in 1985, is facing first-degree murder charges for the death of 50 year-old Mark McCreadie. It has been revealed that no police checks are conducted during the recruitment process of hiring people to student adviser positions at UW.

Get out your wallets, Starbucks is coming to campus

UW Food Services has announced a Starbucks will be open in the Science Teaching Complex

Strategic What? Looking at the staffing side of UW’s strategic plan

Part three of the Strategic What? series looks at employer-staff relations.

Research says we’re turning stars into saints

Hardcore fans are taking the concept of “following something religiously” to a whole new level, creating quasi -saints out of dead celebrities, says University...

Strategic what?

UW has an international reputation and attracts a plethora of international students and faculty, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is fully internationalized — at least in the eyes of the strategic plan.

Space wars episode II: Students weigh in

The engineering and arts faculties are the largest at UW, but that doesn’t translate into more student space — even with the shiny new engineering buildings every few years.

GreenHouse launching innovation fund

St. Paul’s GreenHouse will soon announce its new innovation fund, a $5,000 grant pool that will be launched this fall for student social entrepreneurship projects.
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