Editorial cartoon

Jan. 30, 2015.

A take on abbreviations

Do you know what a STEM degree is?

It‰Ûªs not a popularity contest

Imprint's news editor presents her plan for the upcoming election.

My vote lies with governance reform

Last week&rsquo;s issue of <em>Imprint </em>(Jan 9, 2015) addressed some underlying problems with Feds that clearly need to be reworked &mdash; the governance structures. Everybody...

No image

Letter to the Editor, January 9th.

High(school)er Education

Community Editorial, January 9th.

Sex doesn’t always have to be graphic

I am an avid reader of <em>Imprint</em> and enjoy keeping up with UW news as well as news events that occur within the Waterloo&nbsp;regional...

Reflection on progress

As I reach the end of my undergrad, I wonder what has been accomplished &mdash; beyond the degree requirements and extracurriculars. I&rsquo;m talking about...

Being socially awkward is no excuse

Socially awkward isn&rsquo;t an excuse for creepy or harassing behaviour. UW Police Services commented on recent reports of a man harassing women on campus and...

Organizational Technologies & Social Innovation

Our definition of technologies is often restricted to the material: the hammers and nails. But what enables hammers and nails to be made, and...
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