Cancelling 30 per cent off tuition grant would hurt students

When I first decided to pursue my degree at the University of Waterloo, I knew it would be an expensive endeavour. But, I also...

Yes, all women

<em>It was a nightclub in Mississauga I had never been to before. The strange passerby stuck his hand right up my dress and tried...

Remembering the Nakba

&ldquo;Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it,&rdquo; a quote made famous by the philosopher George Santayana, is one that implies...

Happy New year. Sort of.

Elsewhere it might not feel like a new year: there was no countdown, no ball dropping, but here on campus it feels like a...

Re: Federation lost and the clubs library, March 28

Community editorial regarding clubs library.

Happy anniversary to me

EIC Aliya Kanani reflects on one year at Imprint.

Measles at UW

Community Editorial regarding Measles at UW.

Federation lost

The recent general meeting of the Federation of Students on Monday, March 24, 2014 was an absolute travesty that resulted in exposing the democratic process as a sham.

A risky move

Aliya reflects after a month of moving in with her boyfriend.
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