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Hashtag history

Last week, I wrote my column about the #YesAllWomen movement, with an assurance that it had staying power. Well, guess what? I was wrong. As...

Yes, all women

<em>It was a nightclub in Mississauga I had never been to before. The strange passerby stuck his hand right up my dress and tried...

Remembering the Nakba

&ldquo;Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it,&rdquo; a quote made famous by the philosopher George Santayana, is one that implies...

Happy New year. Sort of.

Elsewhere it might not feel like a new year: there was no countdown, no ball dropping, but here on campus it feels like a...

Happy anniversary to me

EIC Aliya Kanani reflects on one year at Imprint.

A risky move

Aliya reflects after a month of moving in with her boyfriend.

Kyle Stewart and the spirit of Waterloo

&ldquo;Where is the school spirit in Waterloo?&rdquo; This is a question I hear so often among classmates here at the University of Waterloo and it&rsquo;s...

Not-so-social media

Aliya Kanani advises you to make good choices on social media.

Re: Fair Elections Act is not fair to university students, Feb. 14

Dear editor: I would like to take this opportunity to respond to a number of points that Ms. Balasubramaniam made in her recent letter, and...
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