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Let’s talk about the ‘Dear Fat People’ video

Earlier this month, a Canadian comedian named Nicole Arbour posted a video called “Dear Fat People.” In her video, Arbour looks directly at...

Hook up Culture

In a survey of 7,000 college students conducted by American sociologist Michael Kimmel, it was found that by the time these students had...

Re: Feds Attempt to Squash Student Press

There are douchebags in the world. There are dickwads. There are twerps and morons, and even, plebeians. If you’re British, there are tossers and...

The future of the SLC

Letter from the Imprint Board of Directors

At the end of the winter term, on April 30, 2015, the Federation of Students terminated Imprint Publications’ lease, providing no prior notice and...

Feds attempts to squash campus press

Dear Readers, On the first day of spring term, we received an eviction notice from Ben Balfour on behalf...

The Hidden Morality

The synopsis to Robert A. Hinde’s book Bending the Rules states that: “Everywhere people share certain moral principles — it is...

Meet Imprint’s part-time editorial staff

<strong>Madzia McCutcheon</strong><br /> Creative Director, Print Design</p> When I first got involved with Imprint last spring term, I did not expect to...

Editorial cartoon, Apr. 2

Editorial cartoon, Apr. 2

Opposition to the new sex-ed curriculum

An opinion on the new Ontario sexual education curriculum
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