Science & Tech

Science & Tech

Energy drinks draining healthy teenagers

A recent study by researchers from the University of Waterloo and Dalhousie University found connections between teen energy drink consumption and mental health issues,...

Nanoscopic research makes big impact

With the increasing emergence of drug-resistant strains of bacteria, it is becoming progressively more important to find alternative ways to thwart disease. Research is beginning...

Waterloo physicists lead team in glassy surface research

Waterloo physicists figure out how the surfaces of glassy materials flow like liquids even when they should be solid.

A tale of two control sticks

Edward Brown reviews "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons."


Microfiles, March 14, 2014: what changes your sense of taste, waterproofing paper, iPhone tracking after battery death.

Meaningful Gamification sparks intrinsic pursuits

University of Syracuse Professor Scott Nicholson explains how “gamification,” or rewards-based incentive programs can prevent society from reaching its full potential.

Four things I learned from Twitch Plays Pokemon

Columnist Ed Brown reviews Twitch Plays Pokemon

Environment lecture series continues

UW professors discuss the failure of corporate and industrial sectors to engage in environmental sustainability.


Micro files, March 7: A new reading app, automated messages to girlfriends, and thermal paper receipts

UW talks innovation

UW’s Smart Solutions hosts a wide range of speakers presenting innovative ideas that will improve the quality of life for underdeveloped countries.
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