Science & Tech

Environment lecture series continues

UW professors discuss the failure of corporate and industrial sectors to engage in environmental sustainability.


Micro files, March 7: A new reading app, automated messages to girlfriends, and thermal paper receipts

UW talks innovation

UW’s Smart Solutions hosts a wide range of speakers presenting innovative ideas that will improve the quality of life for underdeveloped countries.

Enlisting in the Guild Wars

So over the winter break, between wolfing down gingerbread and lamenting the latest damage from the winter Steam sale, I picked up <em>Guild Wars...

Micro Files

A wireless network research site publishes its report on the speed of LTE around the world, bloggers have their say on the Subway bread additive controversy, and the science behind why onions make us cry is explained.

All the gadgets you want

Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry and more showcase their newest creations at the Mobile World Conference 2014.

Unlikely entrepreneurs launch mobile app

A team of UW students have released a mobile app that will automatically delete a private message after it has been viewed.

Bravely Default: the Final Fantasy we deserve

Whether through nostalgia, or simply the different sensibilities of an older time, people like retro. Black and white films, throwback board games, and in the case of video games, the sensibilities of retro games are no different.

Micro files

Researchers have found a way to convert plastic bags to fuel, tiny injectable sponges may soon be used to stop heavy bleeding, and a new way of preserving pizza has been developed to allow it to be added to military meals.

Electrical engineering professor honoured for image quality research

UW Professor receives E.W.R Steacie Memorial Fellowship, which includes a $250,000 grant for over the next two years.
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