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<strong>Food allergies lower among vulnerable Canadians</strong> A team from Allergy, Genes, and Environment Network (AllerGen), co-spearheaded by UW professor Susan Elliot in the department of...

Hydrated World: Fashion and activism collide

Hydrated World, aims to provide one person with access to clean drinking water for every five pieces of clothing sold.

UW professor tackles cancer treatment with new approach

A quarter century ago, Wayne Brodland was a PhD candidate for civil engineering at the University of Manitoba. After meeting Richard Gordan, a biologist in search of an engineer to help build models to study neural tube closure, Brodland embarked on a lifetime of research that has taken on higher goals with every discovery.

eSports rising

I'll admit that I am not a sports nut. I enjoy the Stanley Cup as much as the next Canadian, but I couldn't recall my favourite player or game or anything.

Tree of life

UW assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering Sheree Pagsuyoin and an international team are working on developing a portable, scalable filter that could help rural communities where tap water infrastructure isn't available or is too expensive to implement.

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Sleep deprivation leads to schizophrenia symptoms and the world’s largest flying bird has been discovered

Incubating the future

The University of Waterloo,&nbsp; along with its startup incubator, Velocity, have decided to boost local hardware startups by creating a hardware haven in the...

The worth of a valiant heart

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is Ubisoft's latest implementation of their UbiArt engine, which was previously used for well-received platforms Rayman Origins, Legends, and the artsy RPG Child of Light.

Weathering the storm

The University of Waterloo and Intact Financial have partnered up to weather-harden cities to the extreme weather resulting from climate change.

Micro Files

New evidence bolsters Higgs boson discovery: Confirmation of particle responsible for mass According to Science Daily, the European Organization...
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