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Campus Question: What is the most challenging thing about going back...

“I think the hardest thing about coming back to school, especially for me, is that you have to move in and you have to...

Campus Question: How much do students know about Bell Let’s Talk?


Campus Questions- Would you take the ‘Beyonce course’?

A few weeks ago the University of Waterloo announced that a new course on Gender and Performance that would focus primarily on the pop artist Beyoncé. Imprint decided to ask students around campus if they would enrol. Would you take the 'Beyoncé course'?

Are you team iPhone or team Android?

In this week's Campus Questions, we ask students what type of smartphone they prefer to use.Are you team iPhone or team Android?

Does a person’s program affect their overall attractiveness?

Do you think a person's educational program affects their overall attraction? Imprint asks in this week's Campus Question.

How do you feel being whistled at?

Imprint was inspired to do this campus question when looking at a similar version that was done in the 1970s.

What are your thoughts on spring term?

Imprint asks students their opinions and thoughts spending their spring term on campus.

Nudity in the Newspaper

In our first Campus Question of the term, Imprint shows students a risqué cover of ours from the nineties and asks what their opinions are on nudity being used in today's newspaper.