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Give and take

Kira's last column.

Long live the king (warrior)

Kira gives us a look behind the mask of UW’s mascot, King Warrior, and why she adores the big, well-loved lion.

Rrrrroll them up

Exchange student Kira Henderson experiences Roll up the Rim for the first time, and the results are not pretty.

Waterloo cares

Columnist Kira Henderson has a lot to be thankful for this week after being overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of others following her column about depression.

Half-way depression

Columnist Kira Henderson talks about depression and how it is affecting her during her exchange from Australia.

The Winter Olympics exist?

Columnist Kira Henderson talks about the differences between Canada and Australia with regards to the Winter Olympics.

Their doctors are polite, too

Australian Kira Henderson discusses her recent hospital stay in Canada.

Dollars and sense

The Australian government started phasing out the one-cent coin a few years before I was born. I’ve spent my life in complete and utter...


My name is Kira, and I’m an exchange student from Macquarie University, Australia. I love food, cats, and Quidditch. I...