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For the love of sushi

This week, Watami Sushi wowed with not just amazingly fresh sushi, but comprehensive tastes that stood out from the AYCE pack. Sushi-lovers alert: Graphic Content will follow.

Fast food and slow times at Frat Burger

Food columnist Lenore Ramirez goes to Frat Burger to experience their take on the classic hamburger.

Travelling abroad with East African Cafe

As an international student, I admit it: I miss home cooked food. Trying to replicate my mother’s cooking, and failing (ever so spectacularly), I...

Taken by Taco Farm

When I first heard the name Taco Farm, I didn’t have the highest expectations. Picturing a disappointing fast-food joint lit...

Encounter with the yeti

We live in a fast-paced, modern age chock-full of invention and innovation. However, out of all of the current technology,...

Hot soup and clean bones

So in my joy that the -40 C temperatures were over (for the moment) I somehow forgot that it was still January, and failed...

A taste of home at Mozy’s

As a girl brought up in the Middle East for 18 years, some might say that I’ve been introduced to a myriad of flavours...