10 Best places to study on campus


By Ruobing Yu

Over the span of your first week, you will most likely be handed a syllabus or two filled with information about your course assignments, readings, and dreaded due dates. Don’t fret yet, you’ll have plenty of time to tackle all of that. The only trick is finding the perfect spot to get all that studying done. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our top campus locations to get focused.

Velocity Start Lounge (SCH)

Located on the second floor of SCH (turn left when you go up the stairs), this well-lit, modern, space is a great spot for both group meetings and solo studying. Bonus: it is attached to the South Side Marketplace, which features shawarma, pizza, sushi, ramen and pho.

Student Life Centre (SLC)

The options are endless at SLC. You can study in the cafeteria, at group tables in the basement or the second floor, in the Great Hall, or in the silent study area on the third floor. If you’re feeling hungry or thirsty, then you could pop by the Bombshelter Pub or Tim Hortons. On the off chance you’re spending late nights on campus and need ­— well, anything ­— it’s a fair bet that International News will carry it.    

Science Teaching Complex (STC)

STC is home to one of the two Starbucks on campus, and there’s no shortage of study spots in the building, between the cafe area, the couches and stools on the main floor, and the tables scattered throughout the building. This is a perfect spot for those of us who need quietness, but not pin-drop silence.

Hagey Hall Hub  (HH)

Hagey Hub is another great spot for group meetings, with its numerous round tables and great lighting. It offers couches, a few long workspace counters, a quiet study area on the second floor, and a couple of cafes in the building: H3 Cafe and Liquid Assets.

Quantum Nano Centre (QNC)

QNC offers a number of tables for two and whiteboards lining its inside walls. If, after hours of finding proofs and cracking codes, you need some time with nature, peer through the ceiling high window lining the exterior walls. Right outside is the Rock Garden. In the basement is another hall filled with additional study space and whiteboards.

Applied Health Science Expansion (AHS)

The AHS expansion building houses beautiful white walls and floors, as well as tons of big windows. Not only are there couches and tables available for open study throughout the building, but there’s also a Starbucks to fulfill all of your caffeine needs.

Modern Languages Diner and Patio

This little-known basement nook is the perfect place to study if you’re craving diner food, like soup, burgers, or milkshakes. If the weather’s nice, you can even grab a seat outside on the patio.

Dana Porter (DP)

DP Library has a variety of different study environments, with floors designated towards silent, quiet, or group study. For those really craving a low-key day, there’s also the basement. This dimly lit space features couches and tables, and is an excellent spot for group study. Pro tip: there’s nothing better than when you can nab a window seat, especially on the tenth floor. 

Davis Centre (DC)

For those days when you really need to focus, DC’s silent study has got you covered.

This colourful library is lined with desks, generally pin-drop silent and features ceiling-high windows. When you want to study with friends, there is DC’s cafeteria area or  study rooms for booking.


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