10 bird courses according to UW students

Graphic by Charlotte Ogalesco

With the fall semester approaching, many students are set  to finalize their course selections. Imprint has compiled a list of what UW students said were the ultimate bird courses. Information on the courses supplied by UW Flow.

FR 151: Basic French 1

  • Liked: 78 per cent
  • Easy: 85 per cent
  • Useful: 76 per cent
  • A basic introductory French language course . The course teaches the fundamentals of the language such as grammar and basic speaking skills. Students responded saying that the course was straightforward and useful, especially if you want to continue studying the language.

MUSIC 140: Popular Music and Culture

  • Liked: 93 per cent
  • Easy: 85 per cent
  • Useful: 58 per cent
  • An easy and straightforward course about the development of 20th century popular music. This course focuses on topics like style, form, social, commercial, and technological aspects of popular music. Student reviews highly recommend the course, especially for the interesting content and straightforward material.

CS 100: Intro to Computing Through Applications

  • Liked: 65 per cent
  • Easy: 83 per cent
  • Useful: 68 per cent
  • This course teaches the basics in computer science, specifically working with spreadsheets, manipulating, and visualizing numeric or textual information. The course also introduces concepts of the internet, world wide web, HTML, and XML. Student reviews praise the useful content learned as well as the comprehensible material.

HRM 200: Basic Human Resources

  • Liked: 57per cent
  • Easy: 83 per cent
  • Useful: 50 per cent
  • This course examines the major areas of human resources administration ,including recruiting, salary administration, labour relations, employee relations, and labour laws. Students say that the course is extremely straightforward and easy to understand.

CLAS 104: Classical Mythology

  • Liked: 83 per cent
  • Easy: 91 per cent
  • Useful: 25 per cent
  • An introductory course on the study of Greco-Roman mythology and legends. The course delves into topics of the Olympian gods and the figure of the hero. Students praise the easy and relaxed nature of the course, as well as the interesting content and material.

GEOG 101: Human Geographies: People, Space & Change

  • Liked: 75 per cent
  • Easy: 93 per cent
  • Useful: 61 per cent
  • An introductory course on human geography, focusing on key subfields such as population change, the rise of cities, social inequalities, and economic forms. The course examines relations both in large and small populations and groups. Students say that the course is easy to follow and interesting to learn.

SOCWK 120R: Intro to Social Work

  • Liked: 62 per cent
  • Easy: 84 per cent
  • Useful: 84 per cent
  • An introductory course about social work. It introduces a basic understanding on topics about principles and purposes, the history of the profession, as well as examining methods of practice. Students report that the course is engaging, interesting, and easy to understand.

ANTH 100: Intro to Anthropology

  • Liked: 71 per cent
  • Easy: 72 per cent
  • Useful: 59 per cent
  • This course is an introductory course about anthropology, focusing on what it is to be human and examining how humanity is manifested in its diverse cultures and societies. Student reviews state that the course is interesting, engaging, and based on memorization.

AHS 107: Sociology of Activity, Health & Wellbeing

  • Liked: 31 per cent
  • Easy: 93 per cent
  • Useful: 24 per cent
  • The course focuses on the social and cultural factors that influence leisure, activity, health, and wellbeing in different populations and demographics. The course consists of lecture and  tutorial components. Students reported that the course was easy, fun, and straightforward.

SDS 150: Lifespan Processes

  • Liked: 59 per cent
  • Easy: 86 per cent
  • Useful: 71 per cent
  • A course examining significant psychosocial events during the lifespan with consideration of the impact of crises. Topics include attachment, loss, stress, and identity crisis. Students responded saying that the course was engaging, comprehensible, and straightforward.


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