News Briefs from the past


UNIVERSITY of Waterloo has been named the most relaxing and therapeutic university in Canada. UW students report finding their programs to be carefree and fun. Also, everyone has very successful co-op jobs in California. – The Star

UP and coming entrepreneur Donald Trump has started his new business with only $1 million. At a press conference, Trump announced plans to use his business to “build tall, beautiful walls everywhere with gold, even if it means [he] has to ask [his] father for a loan.” Trump hopes to one day become a wonderful president for his company.  – NBC News

AFTER the University of Waterloo announced the building of another arts building, engineering students have started protests against this building. At the location of where the new building will be placed, engineering students have expressed that engineering is an important degree too and deserves equal treatment and a new building. – The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

THE first Chinese restaurant has opened in Waterloo, confusing the residents. The restaurant is located near the University of Waterloo where many students have been seen standing around and staring at the front door in confusion. Some have questioned whether demand for Chinese cuisine really exists in Waterloo. – The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

CONSPIRACY theorists believe that the world will end in the year 2000. They believe that the subliminal signs hidden around the world is evidence that the world will end when three zeroes are together in a year. Due to lack of scientific advancement, there is no tangible evidence that this is the case. – The Daily Mail


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