A little less complex dungeon, and a little more dragon!

By: Josh Goldschmidt


1. Town destroyed in the days of Abraham

4. To teach

8. Successor to the European Common Market

11. To surround with an army

14. Like Legend of Zelda or The Witcher

16. Classic Dungeons & Dragons monster

18. To rip or shred

20. A striking solo performance

21. Beer glass

23. ___-Tok, social media platform

25. Draw sailors who hear them to their doom (British spelling)

26. Disgusting

29. South Indian and Sri Lankan language dating to 300 BCE

30. First shah of the Safavid Dynasty

33. 2015 single by Missy Elliot featuring Pharrell 

35. They choose animal-welfare over fashion

38. Batteries 42.5 mm long and 8.3 mm in diameter

39. Hero of Legend of Zelda

41. Norse warriors who fought in fits of fury

43. Abbreviation for quiet

44. Printing from an intaglio plate or cylinder

45.  Trade secrets, patents,

trademarks, and copyrights (abbreviated)

46. Video game series; Shin Megami Tensei: _______

47. Plays Superboy on Titans, Joshua


1. Related to or made for leaping

2. Youtube star vlogger David

3. A flat-topped mountain

5. Nerds or geeks

6. Only NBA player to play four different decades

7. Ancient Roman vestment

9. Neolithic burial chamber

10. Something given over in a will

12. A series of years identified by a common characteristic

13. Tissue in which teeth are lodged

15. Former Israeli President, Shimon

17. Singer Grande, as called by her fans

19. The worshipers of King Haile Selassie

22. A dramatic piece set to music 

24. To revolve around

27. Japanese warrior-class

28. From Oman

31. Connecting feet and legs

32. Controversial  search-engine and file-sharing site for copy-righted

33. 2019 single by Travis Scott, in collaboration with the Weeknd  (2 words)

34. ___kwondo

36. French red wine grape

37.  Send to reserve a spot

38. Talk like a pirate!

40. Land surround by water

42. Typical currency in the European Union


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