A taste of home at Mozy’s

As a girl brought up in the Middle East for 18 years, some might say that I&rsquo;ve been introduced to a myriad of flavours from all over the globe. One of these is obviously of the Arabian variety. As an international student studying in Canada, I am cursed with a constant yearning for dishes varying from grilled lamb on the bone to hot Turkish bread and <em>Labneh </em>&mdash; some of the many flavours surrounding my youth, oftentimes accompanying luxuriant Sunday dinners.

Drooling mouth aside, Mozy&rsquo;s Shawarma, right here in Waterloo and (unfortunately) right next to Laurier (those lucky bastards), is an unassuming restaurant surrounded by the likes of popular chains including Pizza Pizza and Menchie&rsquo;s<em>.</em> Going in, you&rsquo;re greeted by fluorescent lighting, a granite countertop where meals are ordered and prepared, and sparse decorations that speak to the Muslim nature of the establishment. The restaurant&rsquo;s ambience is interrupted by what sounds like (in all honesty) flatulence that accompanies the garlic sauce being spurted onto the wraps. Needless to say, not a place you&rsquo;re going to on a first date.

However, ordering a wrap more than makes up for that as the rest fades into the ether. Coming from Bahrain, I&rsquo;m accustomed to shawarma wraps containing only five vital ingredients: meat (chicken in this case, as that&rsquo;s all Mozy&rsquo;s serves), fries, turnips, and pickles, all topped with glorious garlic sauce (none of this lettuce or onion nonsense or I will hit you).

Ordering a Full Flavour wrap from Mozy&rsquo;s was a delight and delivered &mdash; I nearly cried out of homesickness when I bit into it, as witnesses present can testify to. The chicken was tender and smooth, grilled atop a vertical spit, and served with fries that were almost on the verge of being too salty, but not quite, with a great crispy exterior and tender interior. The pickles and turnips were fresh and crunchy, providing just the right amount of acid to the dish&rsquo;s saltiness. Lastly, the oiliness of the garlic sauce tied it all together into a beautifully unctuous bouquet.

If you choose to, you can also order a reasonably priced shawarma plate with either rice or fries that also comes with a slice of pita bread that&rsquo;s been briefly dipped in the fat from the grill which it&rsquo;s been seared against &mdash; God, it&rsquo;s like they know me &mdash; but I found that the wrap was more than enough to capture all of these elements in one flavour-filled bite.

Dishes are honestly a little expensive, with meals being about $10 with tax before a drink. However, the place remains joyfully authentic, offering other Middle Eastern options such as falafel, baklava, and even Barbican and Rani drinks. Needless to say, this restaurant does its shtick really, really well and although it might not be a date spot, this place is definitely one I&rsquo;d have a long term relationship with.



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