A toasty welcome to all the new Imprint volunteers

By: Joshua Goldschmidt


1. Geographic data management

6. Video game series in which one plays the Master Chief

8.  Swerve or zig-zag

10. Sacred bird commonly found on hieroglyphs

12. Toy automobile with an engine

13. Pork product

15. Pasta-sauce brand

17. Not very bright

19. Dance in which one’s                body wriggles on the floor

21. Prefix for the supernatural

23. in addition to or in spite of what was previously said

25. Upcoming movie (2020) and popular sci-fi franchise by Frank Herbert

27. Progressive insurance’s cashier mascot

29. Son of Woody Allen who covered the #MeToo movement intensely

30. Catch a glimpse

32. The South African wilderness

33. Like Kaur, Coleridge, or Dickinson

33. Child detective with novels and a TV series on The CW


1. Lois Lowry’s classic dystopian novel; The _____

2. Queen’s singer, Freddie

3. Chinese mafia

4. 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet

5. A ribbon worn around the waist or shoulder

7. Aquaman’s half brother, Ocean Master

9. Therefore, hence

10. Like Camembert

14. Judaean king, sired Josiah

16. AFK, but in the military

18. NHL Rookie of the Year runner-up in  2015-16

20. Mother, in Montreal

22. A melody

24. Subject of discourse

26.  Grant ability to

27. A man overly-interested in his clothes

28. The nine-to-five for most workplaces

31. Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet