Affirmations of identity


Statements about the self, “I am” statements, influence identity and ego which is your mental sense of self which might be determined based on your self talk as well as your actions.

James Clear had a suggestion about changing habits through identity in his book Atomic Habits. He explained that each decision you make is a vote towards who you perceive yourself to be. Your identity might naturally shift after you’ve successfully installed a new set of habits, but, as this piece will outline, you can also start installing the habits or qualities with affirmations.

A lot of people use affirmations in different ways but one of the strongest ways to use affirmations is to use “I am” statements. Over time, you can shift your identifications to more positive alignments by repeating identity affirmations in a heartfelt way. These affirmations can actually transform your experience from moment to moment because, as the fifth century Greek rhetorician Gorgias suggested, words can be like drugs.

One powerful affirmation is “I am the pure spirit.” This is easily the most powerful affirmation because it liberates us from the limitations of our bodies and minds. By actualizing this affirmation with Self-Realization (, we can shift our conscious experience from mere mental beliefs to absolute experience of spirit, which is a reflection of God Almighty. The spirit only witnesses silently, that’s why it’s necessary to get Self-Realization, because it enables us to stop thinking and enter into the deep peace and silence within ourselves. This silence can be a fortress of protection, because you learn not to react to outside forces, and you transcend the mind.

Another affirmation of key importance is, “I am not guilty.” Guilt ruins joyful experience. It’s completely pointless to allow ourselves to hold on to guilt after we’ve made mistakes. It doesn’t change anything other than our emotions towards ourselves and can contribute to low self esteem, eventually turning into an inferiority complex in extreme cases. I’m not suggesting we should be completely shameless and without morality, just that guilt doesn’t solve any problems and is not necessary for us to have a fully functioning conscience.

One more key affirmation is, “I am completely satisfied.” The thing about wants, according to economics, is that they’re never satiable; people always want more. That’s another beauty of finding spirit in our daily experience, once we have spirit we have joy and peace, because spirit is love-consciousness and that feels like enough no matter what else is going on outside. Everything else becomes a bonus that we can live with or without and not mind either way. It’s great to be ambitious to a point, but eventually enough has to be enough. If what you’ve been indulging in was what you really needed, you’d have been satisfied when you got it, you wouldn’t need more.

Try these affirmations throughout your day, or better yet, while sitting silently eyes closed with your hands open on your lap. Say or think them in a sincere manner and repeat them as you feel. See for yourself how these seeds of awareness can help change you.


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