Allegations made against Team Nova in Feds election

<em>Feds website is still down and allegations are unable to be posted in a timely manner, below are several recent allegations made</em>

The Feds website has been down for two days now, and with that, allegations made regarding the current Feds election have not been posted.

The following is an allegation made against Team Nova and the ruling made by the elections committee.

&ldquo;On February 2nd, the Elections Board received an allegation from Adam Garcia against Team Nova [comprised] of Jesse McGinnis, Luke McIntosh, Elizabeth McFaul, and Anjali Gopal. The allegation states that Team Nova had used material that was not approved by the Electoral Officer as per Procedure 6 H.2.b and H.2.c.

&quot;Team Nova&rsquo;s defense laid out that the material was from an external organization to the campaign and were not campaign materials.&rdquo;

&ldquo;On February 6th, the Elections Board determined that the materials met the definition of campaign materials based on the intent to influence voters. The Elections Board then discussed if this material was something that could be attributed to a candidate. On this matter the decision was that the campaign material was clearly from an external group and was not attributable to a candidate. As H.2.b and H.2.c applies only to candidates and this material was ruled to be not from the candidate the Elections Board ruled that Team Nova did not break the rules by a 2-3 vote.&rdquo;

The material in question was a Google Doc made by the Accounting and Finance Student Association (AFSA) asking students to sign up to receive a reminder to vote in the election. AFSA recently endorsed Team Nova and mentioned this endorsement in the Google Doc, which is why it was questioned as unapproved campaign material. However, the document was not made or distributed by Team Nova, therefore was ruled to not be official campaign materials.

Another allegation was made anonymously against Team Nova regarding the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

&ldquo;On February 4th&nbsp;the Elections Board received an anonymous allegation against Team Nova. The allegation stated that Team Nova had attempted to bribe the MSA with a proposed written agreement and as such was not campaigning above reproach as per Procedure&nbsp;6 H.2.b and H.2.c.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Team Nova&rsquo;s defense was that they did not initiate the relationship and that the agreement was meant for endorsement, not votes. The Electoral Board ruled that asking for support based on promises is part of campaigning and above reproach. On a 2-3 decision the Electoral Board ruled that the allegation was not valid.&rdquo;

All teams have received endorsements from various individuals and student groups on campuses.

Other allegations made included one from Team Nova candidate Elizabeth McFaul against Team Green over the use of double sided tape on elections posters, which goes against the rules set out by the elections committee.

The elections committee is comprised of the following people, all of who voted on the above allegations:&nbsp;

David Collins (Policy Procedures seat)

Robert Savoy (Electoral officer)

Max Palumbo (At-Large&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

Majd Al-shihabi (Council seat)

Brad Krane (Chief Returning officer)

Once decisions are made, the individual(s) who brought forward the allegation has 36 hours to appeal the committee&rsquo;s decision. &nbsp;


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