Anyone can learn a little quantum Quantum Mechanics for Everyone course to introduce students to the basics in winter 2017


Starting this winter term, students from all faculties can explore and learn about quantum mechanics, regardless of their level of scientific knowledge.

Quantum Mechanics for Everyone, PHIL 271, will be offered this winter 2017 term through the Faculty of Arts. The course will be taught by Prof. Doreen Fraser, who taught a similar course in winter 2016.

The course is lauded as an introduction to the basic concepts of quantum mechanics from a historical and philosophical viewpoint. Most importantly for some students, the course requires absolutely no background knowledge in either math or physics. The course focuses on local physics institutions like UW and the Perimeter Institute and the cutting-edge work they produce.

Because it is a special topics course, it does not yet have a permanent calendar entry. During the 2017/2018 academic year, the official designation will be PHIL 252.

Many students who may not traditionally consider taking a course on quantum mechanics are excited to see what this course has to offer this winter.

Anita Meng, a student in the Arts and Business program, is one of the interested students. “I’ve never really had any exposure to quantum mechanics in an academic sense,” she said. “This course seems intriguing to me because the professor is from a philosophy background, so I bet there will be lots of interesting connections to my arts degree that I never considered.”

Quantum Mechanics for Everyone will be offered through the philosophy department in the Faculty of Arts. With the explosion of quantum research and innovation, learning about the ever-growing field could benefit many students.

Those interested in learning more about quantum mechanics can also check out some of the quantum-related groups and events in the area, including resources from the Institute for Quantum Computing, Perimeter Institute, and the QUANTUM exhibition currently at THEMUSEUM.



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