Art havens in Waterloo


By Sarah Givlin

On the case of the dried paint brush

Waterloo is infamous for its engineers, start-ups and for churning out ground breaking innovations like butter. Understandably, even the most inspired coders  may need a break every so often. If you’re looking to sample a bit of the finer points of Waterloo, check out these regional establishments.

The Waterloo Region Museum

The Waterloo Region Museum is the largest community museum in Ontario, and a great spot to experience local and First Nations art. Doon Heritage Village connected with the museum is open seasonally from May to December. It is for your enjoyment and shows an accurate example of what Waterloo region was like in 1914. Located in Kitchener, this museum frequently showcases Waterloo’s great history.

Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre

Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre puts on small, but intimate live theatre productions. This open audition theatre is great for those interested in flexing your acting muscles. There are open auditions for different plays each month. 

Social Art

Social Art allows you to get out there and have some fun painting with friends. All events are offered in the Kitchener studio or by local venues such as breweries and restaurants.All paintings are created uniquely and require no prior experience to participate. These events bring out the inner artist in anyone.

Descendants Beer and Beverage Co.

Descendants Beer and Beverage Co. is great for a night out. Each night of the week features a differet activity: Mondays offer beer and burger deals; Tuesdays are dedicated for TV trivia; Wednesday mixes it up with Trivial Dispute and $5 beer; on Thursdays, they host music bingo; Fridays and Saturdays bring in the crowds with live music; and on Sundays, they host family movie trivia, often including a screening of a movie.

Rhapsody Barrel Bar

Inviting you to share in some soul food and music, this mellow setting features coffee, wine, food and more. Rhapsody Barrel Bar is open to your inner musician whether you come to listen or to play. They are not limited to just music, this open space is home to anyone wanting to book a place to practice their music, open mic nights, private functions, charity events, inspirational speakers, and even fashion shows.

Whether you are looking for good food or fun entertainment or even both Rhapsody Barrel Bar has you covered locally in downtown Kitchener.

Commercial Tavern

A fully Canadian experience filled with music, food, and fun. With open stage Thursdays and guest artists on Fridays, and  kareoke options on Saturdays. Share in some hommey country food and good spirits at the Commercial Tavern located in Maryhill. This beautiful historical setting specializes in classic country music. Bring your plaid and have a blast enjoying the night. Great for friends and families to have a good night out. With over 20 years in operation they allow groups of many sizes and are affordable.


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