Artist Spotlight: Madison Galloway


Madison Galloway is an extremely talented, young, emerging artist in Canadian roots music. 

Galloway grew up in Fergus, Ontario, and began pursuing music at a very young age. She started with classical piano training, then delved into the world of music theory and appreciation. 

However, when she picked up a guitar as a teen, she discovered her true calling, and from there, began writing and creating original songs. 

Today, at 19-years-old, along with her band and their signature blend of earthy rock and blues-inspired by nature, community, and roots music, Galloway takes the stage, always delivering high-energy, and entertaining performances. 

They play a variety of instruments, including acoustic, slide and electric guitars, harmonica, keys, ukulele, and banjo, keeping audiences intrigued continuously and entertained. 

 This reporter first heard Galloway play at MacGregor Point Provincial Park at the Wild for the Arts festival in September 2018. 

It drew people to her from afar when her beautiful voice sang a cover of Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi. 

Her calming voice lured in the crowd, and the rest of her performance left the audience in  complete awe, clapping, laughing, and crying the whole way through. 

Galloway’s talent is hugely apparent anytime she plays, but especially when she starts playing the harmonica in the holder around her neck, and still flawlessly continues playing the guitar. 

At Wild for the Arts, she showcased her original songs, Coffee Stains and Bye Bye. 

Coffee Stains is an instrumental song, with an upbeat and intense vibe that makes you want to tap your foot or get up dance right away. 

Galloway wrote it for a school project several years ago, to depict the impacts of neonicotinoids on bee populations. 

The song really reflects Galloway’s signature sound and identity, as it demonstrates her love of nature, environmental concerns, and passion to have her voice heard and make a difference. 

It’s a cute and fun song, but at the same time sends a beautiful and essential message.

Over the past year, Galloway’s career has taken off. 

She toured relentlessly, played hundreds of shows across Ontario as part of her band or duo, and performed solo as well. 

She even shared the stage with well-known artists such as 54-40, Ron Hawkins (Lowest of the Low), The Sadies, and Alysha Brilla. 

She recently released her first full-length album and has plans for national touring, but she’s only just getting started. 


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