Bad fashion ravages UW campus


Inconsistent weather got you down? Be ready for anything with Gukki’s new modern style of a half-shorts-half-skirt.

The bottoms sport totally different colour schemes on either side as a reflection of nature’s inability to pick a season.

“I was frustrated by misjudging the weather and having to go back inside to get changed everyday,” Tim Fjord, head of design at Gukki Inc. said.

Colour combinations available include dead grass with dirty snow, live mold with sunshine orange, and navy blue with slightly darker navy blue.

The half-and-half bottoms will be coming to stores alongside Gukki’s new reverse-ripped jeans line with prices ranging from $2,000 to upwards of $9,000.

“We decided on these prices according to the cost of fabric and labour, with a small hike in order to fund a new private island after the board of executives had an accid- ent and burnt the last one down,” Fjord said.

To be ready for the ever so distant sum-mer, make sure to purchase the new VerSaucey ripped denim tees. Keep up the sk8er-boy look with Mitchell Chores four-direction baseball cap. Unlike the classic take on baseball caps, this four-faced    hat allows you to wear the cap forward, backwards, left, and right all at the same time!

Or, if you don’t mind taking some sunshine to the eyes for the sake of fashion, you can rotate the cap forty-five degrees for an unorthodox new look. Prominent figure  and fashion icon Kayne East has already been spotted completing the look with light up Stencher sandals and a classic Scottish kilt.

“I’mma be honest, I’m only wearing the kilt because everything else was in the wash, but the rest of today’s look is totally legit,” said East.

2019 is the year for freedom, so it’s natural that fashion icons across the globe have been setting their belly buttons loose. Anything that restricts your belly button’s access to sunshine or wind is a huge no-no, which is why men and women across the globe have taken a tendency towards crop tops even throughout the winter.

After singer-songwriter Sadonna was seen getting around the issue in order to wear a full body suit to an intimate family gathering by cutting a small hole over her belly, the trend has blown up worldwide being used on all sorts of dresses, casual tees, and even tuxedos.

“I had no idea the trend would spread so quickly,” Sadonna said. “It’s actually really unsettling to see so many people imitating me. Brings up bad memories of high school, but this time with less name-calling.”


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