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Just last week, Warner Brothers Studio announced a huge lineup of DC superhero movies for the next six years. Following the anticipated <em>Batman v Superman</em> movie in 2016, there will be <em>Suicide Squad</em> (2016), <em>Wonder Woman</em> (2017), the first part of the <em>Justice League</em> movie (2017), <em>The Flash</em> (2018), <em>Aquaman</em> (2018), <em>Shazam</em> (2019), <em>Justice League</em> part two (2019), <em>Cyborg</em> (2020), and finally a <em>Green Lantern</em> reboot (2020).

That&rsquo;s a serious plan since they&rsquo;re thinking six years in advance. I don&rsquo;t know how movie production works, but are scripts even completed for <em>Wonder Woman</em>? It&rsquo;s still an exciting itinerary regardless. Well, more or less.

I&rsquo;m much more of a DC fan versus Marvel, since Batman is my bae, but <em>seriously</em>? Aquaman? Who the hell greenlit that idea? I don&rsquo;t know a lot about Aquaman, but I know for a fact that he is <em>not</em> a part of the original Justice League, so why the hell is he getting a movie? Because of <em>Justice League</em> part two? Gimme a break.

I have the same complaint for <em>Shazam</em>. Jeez Louise, is there actually that big of a fanbase for Shazam? Shall I bitterly point out &mdash; he used to be called Captain Marvel, but then no one knew who the hell was being referenced, so DC changed his name to Shazam only because that&rsquo;s what he yells when he changes into his superhero form. AND NOW HE GETS A GODDAMN MOVIE. I&rsquo;m sure the general population will flock to the cinemas for that one.&nbsp;

I&rsquo;m much more excited for <em>Wonder Woman</em>, <em>The Flash</em> and <em>Cyborg</em>, personally. Hopefully they won&rsquo;t make <em>Wonder Woman</em> too pandering, as seen with Black Widow in the Marvel movies. There was some uproar with Wonder Woman&rsquo;s costume for the movie, but I think it&rsquo;s fine (then again I&rsquo;m not that familiar with WW lore). <em>The Flash</em> will be &hellip; interesting, considering we already have television series, but the actor for the Flash is Ezra Miller, and from a brief IMDb search I am hardly confident in his ability to be a superhero.

<em>Cyborg</em> is where I get really excited. Out of the main supers, I just really like Cyborg. Maybe I&rsquo;m being nostalgic from my past with <em>Teen Titans</em>, but he has been pretty prominent in recent DC media. He was a (relatively) major plot point in the recent fighter game <em>Injustice: Gods Among Us</em>, and in the recent New 52 movie <em>Justice League: War</em>, he had a major role (along with Shazam but we&rsquo;ll ignore that). I don&rsquo;t know why, but DC is seriously pushing Cyborg, and I&rsquo;m okay with it &mdash; hell I&rsquo;m encouraging it.

I&rsquo;m not a huge Marvel fan &mdash; I care very little for X-Men or non-Avengers heroes &mdash; but I&rsquo;m definitely excited for upcoming Marvel movies. <em>Captain America: Winter Soldier</em> was <em>beast</em>; when I heard that <em>Captain America 3</em> would be about the Civil War series, I looked that shit up first thing.

Yeah, I am very unfamiliar with Marvel affairs outside of what the movies have told me, so when I read the brief synopsis of the Civil War series, I got very curious. For those unaware, Civil War is a series that basically pits Captain America against Iron Man in terms of privacy rights for superheroes. Oh, and Spider-Man is involved in some way (but since Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man, I doubt there will be any mention of him).

I actually got so interested in reading this plot, I began browsing Amazon for the Civil War comic. There is <em>a lot</em> in regards to it; it encompasses many Avengers, X-Men, and even the Fantastic Four, but the main plot is on Cap and Iron Man (to my knowledge). I was so interested I seriously debated ordering the comic online, and even visited the Uptown Waterloo comic store to investigate pricing. Now I&rsquo;ve basically made the decision of asking my sister to buy it for me for my birthday.

I finally understand why HMV started carrying comics &mdash; that biz is becoming mainstream. <em>The Walking Dead</em> is huge now, so I&rsquo;m sure fans introduced to the series via the television show would be interested in the original comics. Same goes for <em>Guardians of the Galaxy</em> &lsquo;cause that movie was AWESOME.

I doubt I&rsquo;m ever going to become a diehard comic lover, but I&rsquo;m definitely going to enjoy it if I ever get around to buying some issues.


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