Being Earnest has never been more important

UW’s drama department has been mainly “living in tragedy land,” according to drama teacher Jennifer Roberts-Smyth. This year, however, they are straying from the usual.
According to director Stewart Arnott, <em>The Importance of Being Earnest</em> by Oscar Wilde was &ldquo;the clear favourite&rdquo; amongst the other possibilities for the drama department&rsquo;s fall production.

The play&rsquo;s plot revolves around a countryman named Jack, a very responsible and respected man. However, he has pretended for a very long time that he has a wild brother named Earnest who lives in the city.

<em>The Importance of Being Earnest</em> is considered by many to be the &ldquo;perfect comedy.&rdquo;

&ldquo;[Out of] all these stylistic elements that make [up] this play, what interests me the most is what&rsquo;s going on underneath &hellip; the humanity in the play is something we&rsquo;ll bring out without losing any of the comedy,&rdquo; Stewart said to the production&rsquo;s cast.

UW Drama also produced <em>Earnest</em> back in 2006 with Anne-Marie Donovan as director. &nbsp;

Being a period piece, costume designer Sharon E. Secord told the cast, &ldquo;Yes, there will be petty coats and bum pads too.&rdquo;

The set has been carefully thought out with artwork from the period, rose bushes, chaise lounges, and other ornate pieces.&nbsp;

&ldquo;What I always look for in a first reading is clarity&hellip; I&rsquo;m not expecting a full-blown performance &hellip; take pressure off yourself,&rdquo; Arnott said.

Rehearsals are just getting underway and the production will not hit the stage until November in Modern Languages&rsquo; Theater of the Arts.

Opening night is Nov. 13. Tickets are $13 for students.


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