Big stories of the last year


Last September, Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau visited the University of Waterloo’s Great Hall to speak about youth voting and political apathy, and to hold a Q&A session with students, which addressed matters like post-secondary education policies and youth employment. To see a one-on-one interview with the political candidate, check out

Medical marijuana coverage

As of this spring, Feds made the decision to allow medical marijuana needs to be covered under the student health plan, making UW one of the first institutions to give this coverage to its students for this matter since the new medical marijuana regulations were instituted in 2014.

Takeout fakeout

The Bombshelter Pub is a favourite among UW students, though for years students have had to pay an extra fee for takeout orders. After some research, Imprint found that the fee was based on more expensive, eco-friendly containers that were no longer being used for takeout orders, and shortly after Imprint’s investigation, the fee was phased out, so feel free to go crazy with the takeout.

MappedIn kiosks

Feds and the Student Life Endowment Fund put a combined $44,183 into an investment of kiosks for the Student Life Centre. Produced by local startup MappedIn, the kiosks highlight all the important parts of the SLC, making it easy to access for guests and newcomers. As the first school year begins, the usefulness of the kiosks will finally be put to the test.


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