Bike lane construction messy and delayed University Avenue is scattered with unfinished barriers

University Avenue, photo by Zainab Tanveer

The new bike lanes that were supposed to be installed on University Avenue this past summer are still under construction.

The project was supposed to be completed by July, but the weather delayed the bike lane installation.

The construction was then postponed to September, and the new completion date was October 4.

As of late October, bike lanes are still undergoing construction.

Hundreds of billboards and signs had to be replaced.

The majority of construction began from University Avenue West (from UW to King Street
North); King Street North to Columbia Street West; and Columbia Street West (from King Street North to Hagey Avenue).

Soon, separate lanes will also be installed on some of Erb Street, connecting the Surline and Laurel trails, and some of Albert Street from Seagram Drive to
University Avenue.

Columbia Street
photo by Zainab Tanveer

Barriers have been erected on University and Columbia Street.

However, there is still majority of work left to be completed on the rest of the streets.

The delay in the construction is causing some of the barriers to be pushed or knocked around.

University Avenue, photo by Zainab Tanveer

The barriers are decaying as they lay on the streets still waiting to be placed.

With the construction still ongoing, streets will close overnight, which could be disruptive to

The new bike lanes are intended to eventually make cycling safer in Waterloo.

Drivers are advised to remain cautious of the traffic while maintaining
an appropriate speed when driving during construction.

Columbia Street
Photo by Zainab Tanveer


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