Bike trails to try out this summer in Waterloo

Theresa Shim

Even though you may be stuck in Waterloo until exams are over this spring term, a way to get some much needed vitamin D (and exercise!) is to check out some of the bike trails that the city has to offer. Here are three trails that are close to campus so you’ve got no excuse to not try them yourself!

Hillside Trail: This trail lies just off of the east side of University Avenue. It is three kilometers long, but is relatively well shaded for those days where the sun shines just a bit too bright. You’ll also pass by a Hillside Park and Laurel Creek for your own enjoyment. It is also a relatively easy trail to bike (or to walk) with a few steeper slopes along the way.

Forwell Trail: The shortest of the trails at only one kilometer, it lies just off of King Street North. It connects to Hillside Trail at its southern edge and runs along a spectacular little creek. It is also easy to bike with relatively flat slopes.

Laurel Trail: You cannot pass up the opportunity to check out this trail while in Waterloo for the summer. It is quite long at over eight kilometers in length, but passes through Waterloo Park, where you can stop and enjoy the nice weather, and Uptown, where you can stop for some lunch. The trail itself follows Laurel Creek for a nice sight and is mostly flat – perfect for some casual biking.


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