Blog wars: A new hope

"Blog." I really hate the word "blog."

Not for what it represents, just the actual structure of the word.

It sounds really dumb to say, like some really stupid race in a poorly-written sci-fi novel.

So why on earth would I burden myself with a title like "blog editor?" Because blogs are awesome.

If you have spent a lot of time in the distractions section over the last year, you might have read my column <em>Overcritical Hit, </em>which tended to just involve me ranting about various pop culture happenings. That was one of my first experiences writing for<em> Imprint</em>, and it was fantastic.

Having your thoughts validated by being published in a newspaper is pretty great for your self-esteem, even though it is not healthy when trying to maintain your already-large ego. Also, people actually read my stuff, and I didn&rsquo;t even have to force them either!

&nbsp;I was tagged in a Facebook photo once, and some dude I didn&rsquo;t know commented &ldquo;Hey, that&rsquo;s the guy who writes about video games, right?&rdquo; Not totally accurate man, but thanks for noticing!

I&rsquo;ve been involved in all manner of ways to indulge my writing habits &mdash; stupid short stories I wrote for my friends during high school, fanfiction I will carry with me <em>to my grave</em> &mdash; but none have been as satisfying as writing for <em>Imprint. </em>So when an<em> Imprint</em> blog section was suggested, I was on board from day one.

What exactly are <em>Imprint</em> blogs going to be about, though? Well, whatever you want. <em>Imprint </em>blogs aren&rsquo;t just being written by <em>Imprint</em>ers, anyone can submit for the blogs so that their work can be published.

Got something on your mind that you want your fellow UW students to hear? Send it to us. Heck, even if you want to just write something to get a laugh or two out of your friends, we&rsquo;re willing to run it. As long as it&rsquo;s something that would interest UW students, our ears are open.

Whether you want to submit a singular blog or you&rsquo;d like to have a whole series, the <em>Imprint </em>blog is looking for all sorts of content right now, so get involved!

It&rsquo;ll have the freedom that running your own blog offers, but with all of your peers as a potential audience (no pressure, though).

If you&rsquo;ve got an itch to write, now is your chance to get your voice heard, so don&rsquo;t miss out.


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