BoD to discuss Feds fee increase in confidential session


According to a Feds document obtained by Imprint, later confirmed by two sources within Feds, the Board of Directors (BoD) will be discussing a fee increase proposal of $4.74, a 10.3 per cent increase.

While the public agenda does include agenda items for the confidential session, they are titled financials, GRT UPass, and assets update, with no specifics on any of the items.

The proposal is currently set to be discussed in a confidential session on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 24.

As the fee increase is greater than inflation, a motion would have to be presented at, and approved by, a general meeting. Presumably, if the BoD moves forward with a fee increase of the magnitude being currently proposed, it will be brought up at the Mar. 25 general meeting.

The proposed increase would cover several projects. These projects include money to cover additional full-time staff and part-time staff, and several special projects.

In a statement to Imprint, Feds stated: "At this time, Feds is unable to comment on this because all items are considered confidential until after the board meeting has occurred. Any potential fee increase you have heard about couldn't be legitimate until the proper procedures were followed for it to be brought to students. The Feds executive is always willing to speak to students about items they are curious about once they have passed the proper procedures.”

The confidential session will take place at the end of the regular BoD meeting, which will be at 7 p.m. in SLC 1106.

<em>This story has been updated to include the full statement from Feds.</em>