Bomber space survey


The Federation of Students recently sent out a survey to get thoughts on what can be done with space left empty due to the shutting down of The Bombshelter Pub. The space consultation survey has been developed after thorough research and asks students about the number of hours they spend on-campus on weekdays and weekends. They are also asked to discuss their eating habits and preferences in terms of Grab & Go, quick service, buffets and full-service dining.

Students are given the choice to rank the kind of concept they would like in place of the Bomber.

Furthermore, students have the freedom to share their opinions and discuss in detail what type of restaurant/lounge they would set up if they had full control over the space, what would fit the needs of Waterloo students and what would they would find extraordinary.

The survey ends with a few demographic questions like program, faculty, and co-op stream. Respondents can enter into a draw to win one of three $50 Feds gift cards that can be used in the new place.

To fill out the survey, visit


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