Campus Crime



Cell phone (1):

Renison College – Jan. 23

Clothing (2): 

Running shoes – Jan. 21, female locker room floor at CIF 

Jacket and sweater – Jan. 22, Gym 1 at CIF

Snow blower:

Jan. 22, outside Eby Hall at UWP


UWPS investigated the report of an assault at the Bombshelter, Jan. 23. A 25-year-old male, not affiliated with UW, was arrested and initially charged with assault. The victim in the matter later advised they did not wish to proceed with the charge. The charge has been withdrawn, however, the male has been banned from all UW property.

Driving complaint

UWPS investigated a complaint regarding a vehicle driving erratically in X Lot in the area of the nearly opened day care centre at 10 a.m. on Jan. 23. The vehicle and driver were identified and located. The driver was cautioned about the dangers of this activity.

Police remind the public that though UW’s parking lots are private property, safe driving is to be practised at all times. Offenders could be subject to criminal charges of dangerous driving or a UW fine of $100.


UWPS are investigating an incident of graffiti that occurred Jan. 26. Tags were found on two dumpsters and on an outside wall at the PAS clinic parking lot. Anyone with information is requested to contact UWPS. 


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