“How do you think we should respond to the photos of Trudeau’s brown-face costume?”

Saduni Sumith, 1A Math Physics

“I don’t believe that his actions regarding black/ brown face were the right thing to do and it can be seen as offensive or disrespectful but you have to view the situation within its context and culture of its time.”






Akshar Goyal, 3A Honours Math

“I think Trudeau, being Prime Minister of Canada, has been very active when it comes to promoting cultural and ethnic diversity. I think his actions at the time were not done with the intent of causing harm.”






Tiffany Chan, 1A Biology

“Trudeau’s actions regarding brown/ black face occured in the past. I don’t think we should be judging a person soley based upon their past actions.”






Aman Nurani, 1A Honours Math

“To my understanding, I don’t see an issue with the brown-face costume, considering it is not something that happened in this time period.”