Campus Question: Do you think UW is doing enough to celebrate Black History Month?

Desiree D,
1B Public Health

“Nope! UW BASE is doing a lot! Without them there would be no Black History Month! They’ve been doing a lot this month in terms of weekly events, and there is even a big showcase happening this weekend that will have art, fashion, and music performers, one of which is Tobi! In terms of the actual school and WUSA, no they are doing nothing. Not even an email has been sent out acknowledging the fact.”


Rushawn G,
1B Health Studies

“To be honest, I haven’t really heard anything. My high school was pretty diverse, so we had clubs and societies that organized all of the events for Black History Month, but I guess it’s just me because I personally haven’t heard of anything or know of any black student associations or societies on campus.”

NP, 2A
Medicinal Chemistry

“From what I’ve been seeing on Instagram, they are putting a lot of black artists under the spotlight, and they are putting on a showcase for black students. So from what I’ve seen, they are doing a lot!”

Antoan G,
4B English“I would say they’re not. But it’s in the hands of the clubs and associations here at UW, not the actually university itself.”



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