Campus Question: How do you keep yourself motivated to finish the term strong?



Arin Kimmel, Arts, 1B

“Just finishing. Period. I stay motivated by keeping in mind and knowing that it’s soon going to be over, and it will be Summer! I get to enjoy the nice weather, not do too much work, and just stress less.”

Jahnvi Mauree, Arts and Business, 1B

 “I survived the entire year, what’s a few more weeks? One thing I keep in mind is how much fun I’ll have during Summer and how relaxed I’ll be and I don’t have to worry about anything for the next couple of months.”

Manpreet Sainj, Honours Sociology and Legal Studies 4B

“I only have one1 month left before I graduate, so I am way in it, and I might as well finish strong. That is my mindset from this point on, and keeping the timeline in mind keeps me motivated.”

Sarah Yan, Biology 3B

“Professionally, I want to be in school so I honestly really enjoy it, and I am always motivated. I also keep in mind that I worked really hard to get into Waterloo and I signed up for this, so I am getting exactly what I asked for.”


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