Campus Question: How have OSAP changes affected you?

Saad Jaspreet, 2B
Accounting and Finance Management

“I have a brother who’s also in university, and so even though I can earn money through co-op and make up for the OSAP cuts, my brother who’s not in a co-op program will have to depend on my parents and work part-time to pay his tuition, and this has definitely made a drastic change in how he’s now planning financing his degree.”


Majd Khasib, 2B

“I believe it’s going to add more stress for students because with these new changes many will have to start working part-time to pay tuition while also trying to balance school, social life, and a healthy lifestyle. This will definitely put a financial burden on a lot of students that will lead to an unbalanced lifestyle.”



Saadia Gul, 2B

“Seeing how OSAP is changing, I may have to rethink how I should finance my studies because the tuition for my program increases every term and I know that I won’t be able to cover my tuition and living costs with the money I get from co-op only, because up until now OSAP helped me take care of a large portion of my tuition.”


Kristen Cargill, 3A
Honours Science

“I feel like students from low-income families will have it worse with the new changes since there is no grace period after graduation and so they would have to depend on their parents to help with students loans until they find employment.”


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