Campus Question: How was your experience at UWaterloo residence?

Madison Ng, 3B
Arts and Bussiness

“My experience in first year was really good. Living in residence, especially V1, it was really nice to have pool tables and ping pong tables where everyone could just gather around really late hours of the night to just talk and play pool. Some of us are very good and some of us are very bad. I was one of those people who was very bad at pool. It felt like a safe space away from home where I didn’t feel like I was by myself because there were so many people that were in the exact same situation as me”.

Joel Ruhland, 4B

“I think the question the university has to ask is does it have a responsibility to provide housing for students? Because of what we currently see in the housing crisis in KW. When I was in first year, residence would have cost $800-$900 a month. When I moved out in second year, I paid $400 a month. If the university can’t compete – why bother? As for the social aspect, there’s interesting research on U.S. schools actually require students to live in first year. Canadian schools don’t often do that”.

Jennifer Larkin, 1B

“I think I missed out a little bit. But I think it was a worthy sacrifice if you will because I used my money on a car instead of living in residence because there are more opportunities with a car than living in a residence… although I am a little upset that I will never get that experience. I see some of my buddies that live in residence and it’s like there’s this whole other life to it”.


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