Campus Question: What do you think of the Bomber closing down without having a plan for how the space will be used?

Daniel Henry
4B Geography and Aviation

“I think it was pretty abrupt. One day the bomber was open. The next day it was closed. Although I didn’t frequent the Bomber much, from what I’ve heard, they’re going to create some sort of urban bistro space in the next couple of years, but most of it is just speculation.”



Nada Abouelnaga
3A Biomedical Science

“If I were to recall correctly, two months before the bomber closed, FEDs actually sent out a survey to all undergraduate students asking how they think the space should be used. The Bomber was closed down because FEDs was losing money from running the Bomber, but I think that was the right thing to do, and by asking students about their opinions, they can decide better about the best use for the space.”


Urvi Amin
4A International Development

“I would say the biggest problem with the bomber was that they were simply trying to do much. It was basically a restaurant by day and a club by night. We already have many places on campus for food. What our campus lacks, now that the Bomber is gone, is a place for going out at night with your friends, and so I think FEDs should’ve replaced the Bomber with something (that) would be exclusively to the nightlife experience in university.”

Zoey Hu
4th Year Psychology

“It was pretty sudden and surprising when I heard about the Bomber closing. I used to go there a lot with my friends and so it’s definitely something I am going to miss, but I believe they are renovating the place, so I’m excited to see how they will use the space now.”



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