Campus Question: What do you want to see from the university in 2020?

Nejra Dedic, 2B
Honours Science

“I want to see something more to do with mental health like sessions to reduce stress; workshops to help you manage your time and how to deal with all the stressful deadlines especially during exam time. Personally I find that’s a tough time for me in terms of stress and I think something like that would be a good idea here on campus”.


Carolyn Liu, 3A
Honours Kinesiology

“I would like to see the SLC expansion and I want to see the extra study rooms and all the extra spaces they have for the students. Also I’m wondering what they’re going to do to the Bomber space, I’m wondering if they’re going to open it to another food place again or make it a student study area”.



Gautham Gopinath, 2B

“I’m an exchange student at Waterloo and I come from Hong Kong. What I’d like to see as an exchange student coming in, is to see a diverse and inclusive campus where people from all cultures can interact and be on the same platform, come together, share their experiences and I hope the University of Waterloo can give that platform to everyone to just be themselves and share their culture. Student associations would be a great way to do that.”


Sriranjini Raman, 2B

“Make UW MATES more accessible and student-friendly. Improve the number of sessions a student can have with respect to mental health. The student association and university in general are trying really hard to make mental health more accessible to students already but it would be great if they could increase the number of sessions from six to maybe double that”.




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