Campus Question What would be your ideal off-campus living situation?

Lily Yesufu, 2A Biomedical Science

“It would be to live in a four-bedroom house, two bathrooms. I ideally want my own ensuite so I wouldn’t have to share a bathroom but knowing by price range, it wouldn’t be realistic. My price range is ideally $600 per month, utilities included, but I am willing to go max $650 a month, utilities included. I’d like to have on-site laundry and that be included in the $650 or the $600. Also, I’d like separate entrances and being close to bus stops for easy commute… I’d prefer living with other students as well, preferably in an all-female unit rather than co-ed.”



Faith Osagie, 2A Biomedical Science

“I feel that my ideal renting situation would pretty much be like, I can have a place that I would have my own washroom, laundry is within the unit so I don’t have to pay for it, hydro is within the fees, and anything under $650. Internet’s included, lights are included, and if I don’t get my own washroom, I’d like to have a four bedroom with two washrooms. A three bedroom and one washroom is okay as well.”




Ray Budiwarman, 2A Planning

“I don’t mind renting my own place, but it’s just that there’s a lot of restrictions on it. It’s just finding the right place, finding the right price for me because I am a student and OSAP is hurting all of us right now. It’s more ideal to own my own place but I don’t have the funds for that so right now, I have to rent. So renting isn’t bad, it’s just that it has its drawbacks.”




Omar Dari, 1A ARBUS

“The first thing I would be looking for is accessibility­­—where it’s located, how far it is from university, how close it is to grocery stores and restaurants… The second thing would probably be the house or apartment itself. Is it clean? Is it spacious? And again, it goes back to, Can I feel myself living here? Every person has a different view of where they want to live and how they want to live, and that just connects back to—do I see myself studying here? Do I see myself living here for the next six to seven months?”



Nikhil Kotibhaskar, PhD cnd Physics

“I am not necessarily looking for a house right now, but if I were I would prefer downtown Kitchener because it’s close to the Kitchener Market and also I believe it’s cheaper to get an apartment over there.”


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