Campus Questions: How has a club at UW changed or affected your university life?

Emily Cooke
Emily Cooke, 4A Mathematics

“Since first year I got involved with Power to Change, which is a Christian club on campus. That was really impactful for me because it gave me a community to support me, pray for me, and help me grow closer in my walk with God. I also find a lot of meaning in being involved. I can come to school to do work, but I can also have an impact outside of classes.”

Louis Lu
Louis Lu, 2A Mathematics

“I’m only a second year student so I’ve not attended a lot of clubs. But I did join the Language and Culture exchange club last term. I had some good moments there. It made my university life less boring. I was actually one of the tutors there so it gave me a lot of experience with tutoring.”

Sali Moieldin
Sali Moieldin, 3B Social Development Studies

“A club within the school that has changed and affected my life in a way is the RAISE club. I felt like I was being represented to the university campus. Although there are many ethnic groups, for example BASE and the African Association Group and so on, I felt like those were still very narrow in the people that participate but RAISE is so open to so many different cultures and different attitudes that I really felt represented by that group.”

Siwei Zhang
Siwei Zhang, 1B Engineering

“I haven’t really gotten into a club that fits me. I find it’s really hard to find one. I’ve tried different options, obviously. One issue I find is I couldn’t find a good information source for me to consolidate all kinds of clubs, because every single club has different places to put their schedule, and it’s really hard to find them. For some clubs I’ve tried to talk to them and I just find I don’t really fit into their groups. I mean, you have to find where you fit best, and it’s a really tough thing to do.”


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