Campus Wellness Announces Pandemic Wellness Management Workshops


It is no secret that the pandemic has taken a toll on our personal wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Campus Wellness recently announced a new series of virtual workshops called Managing Personal Wellness in a Global Pandemic. Starting in the Winter 2021 term, this virtual series offers three sets of one-hour workshops:‘Motivating Yourself Through Habit Change,’ ‘Alleviating Anxiety,’ and ‘Break Free From Low Mood.’ Students are encouraged to take at least one of these workshops. 

Students who attend ‘Motivating Yourself Through Habit Change,’ will learn about the habit loop and how to change it, the stages of the change cycle, how to increase motivation and overcome obstacles, and progressive muscle relaxation techniques. 

The ‘Alleviating Anxiety’ workshop will allow attendees to learn strategies for coping with and managing stress and anxiety. Campus Wellness says this seminar is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based, and added that it’s designed to help you better understand the causes of anxiety and the factors that prolong it. Attendees will be introduced to various coping strategies designed to alleviate their anxiety in the moment, challenge their anxious thoughts, and change their behaviour.

The last workshop, ‘Break Free From Low Mood,’ is designed to teach participants about low mood and depression, as well as coping mechanisms that will help challenge and change depressive thoughts using mindfulness,CBT, and self-compassion.

The workshops are free and open to any students who are interested. For more information or to sign up for these workshops, visit Campus Wellness online. 


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