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You might be enrolled at UW, but that doesn’t mean you have to be confined to Waterloo — there are loads of events happening throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo region that appeal to all sorts of interests! Look at some of the cool events happening in Kitchener during September.

Maker Expo- Saturday Sept. 19, starting at 6 p.m. at Kitchener City Hall.

What’s it about? Maker Expo is a convention that appeals to the community known as “makers.” What exactly is a maker? Pretty much anybody who creates something — if you like making art, designing robots, developing software, or anything in-between, you probably meet the criteria to be a maker. At Maker Expo, this community comes together to show off their exhibits and demos, as well as hold workshops for their areas of expertise. If you consider yourself a maker or you’re just interested in finding out what it means to be one, Maker Expo is for you.

Music Is My Weapon- Friday Sept. 18, starting at 7 p.m. at 122 Frederick St.

What’s it about? Feeling charitable? Music Is My Weapon is an unplugged concert with the goal of raising money for music schools for youth. The event emphasizes teaching young people to use music as a valid outlet for their expression. The concert itself will feature local musicians like Rufus, Joni NehRita, Tristan Hopkins, and more, and all the proceeds will go to Community Music School of Waterloo Region and E-Bolt Music.

KOI Music Festival- Sept. 25-27 in downtown area

What’s it about? For those searching for a more metal musical experience, KOI Fest is for you. The three-day music fest features dozens of musical acts, including August Burns Red, Carousel Kings, Wayfarer and many more.

Imitation of Life- Sept. 25-Jan. 10

What’s it about? Those who like their art with a little bit of reality simulation may want to take in the KW Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibit. Imitation of Life incorporates many different media to present the theme of an artificial reality, including digital worlds, cartoons, still photos, and even fictions made in Second Life. Fans of art and digitally constructed works will definitely want to check this exhibit out.

Oktoberfest- Late September-mid-October

What’s it about? Unsurprisingly for a city that used to be called Berlin, Kitchener is known for having the biggest Oktoberfest celebration in Canada. While you may not be able to fully take in the festivities if you’re under 19, it’s definitely something to see when you’re of age each year. Oktoberfest has more beer, sausages and tastes of German culture than you could ever ask for. 


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