Comfort Soup 


There is something incomparable and unexplainable about how loving a warm bowl of soup is. It warms you with a hug and consoles you when you’ve been in the cold for too long. If it is someone I know, it’d be my favourite person – the one I turned to for comfort and familiarity. This is a soup I grew up with, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and forever will. 


A soup pot 



4-5 tomatoes

1 whole carrot 

2-3 potatoes 

2-3 cups of chicken or vegetable stock 


Black pepper 

Optional: 2-3 slices of apple 


The ingredients mentioned above are adjustable to the size of your pot. Use your intuition but generally, you want a ratio of 3:1:1 tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes (respectively). Slice your tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes. You may also include a few slices of apples to give the soup a hint of sweetness. In a pot, boil the stock of your choice. Once your stock is boiling, put in your vegetables and sprinkle a few pinches of salt, and let simmer for 20-30 minutes or until your potatoes have softened. You can finish the soup with some black pepper. 

This is the soup my mom instinctively knows I need during tough times. The familiarity she has with my feelings associated with her food, and the familiarity of home I associate with her cooking – it forms a nice link between the two. It is the feeling of holding onto a bowl of warm soup; like you are holding onto someone close. It is the feeling of its warmth radiating your face whilst you take a sip; like a kiss on the cheek. Or it is the warmth of the soup soothing your body – feels like everything will be alright.  If you miss that feeling, try this soup. Perhaps it might help. Enjoy!